Life Changes...

As we go through life, unexpected changes often rock our world. We ultimately are judged by how we respond and recover. Here is my story...

When forced to face the reality that my beautiful family of five was being reduced to four (due to an unexpected divorce) my youngest son asked me, “when are you going to change 5 to 4?”, in reference to my email address, gruenberg5. It was a simple question. But, the answer would require serious thought. I spent the following months trying to figure out my family's future, while learning to accept the dramatic change.

On a yoga retreat planned over Valentine’s Day in 2010, my favorite instructor did a meditation on the 4th chakra -- the heart chakra. A calm came over my body as I came to accept the number four. It was not only an “okay” number. It was a beautiful, loving and fabulous number!

I found myself seated in a peaceful, happy place as I welcomed in my new life. In that moment I also dreamed of creating a platform to sell my hand crafted jewelry. No business name could compete with my new favorite number, 4.

My passion for jewelry making was renewed and has brought me to the collections you see today. As an avid yogi and mother of three residing in Southern California, I find my inspiration in the clean lines of mid-century design, in architecture and in nature.

My pieces are individually hand forged from silver and gold. Each piece represents my passion to live a loving life with purpose, no matter what obstacles are thrown in my path.

I hope you add a piece of my wearable art to your personal collection. With love, Karen

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"Women are like teabags. We don't know our strength until we are in hot water!" -Eleanor Roosevelt